Enable a woman — Change the future!

Enable a woman — Change the future

NEW Pathways to Enterprise™ is dedicated to empowering women and their families through innovative livelihood opportunities. Through our Learning to Livelihood IdeaShop™ series, coupled with business start-up support, we serve as an incubator of new businesses for and by women. Our direct beneficiaries are economically disadvantaged women living on less than $2.00 per day, with the majority classified as the extreme poor, living on less than $1.25.



Professor Christine Nielsen with NEW Pathways’ participants in Danao-1, Samar

NEW Pathways’ approach — From Learning to Livelihood

We guide women through the entrepreneurial process from business idea generation through business start-up. We offer a series of IdeaShops™ that inspire women to explore, evaluate, and select business alternatives that offer profitable returns and opportunities for creativity and increased self-esteem.

  • Level 1: IdeaShop™ for Business Idea Generation
    Exploring profitable business alternatives prior to livelihood skills training is an essential first step in the entrepreneurial process. Generating business ideas is a missing component in most small business programs for women.
  • Level 2: IdeaShop™ for Livelihood Skills Training
    Livelihood training by successful entrepreneurs inspires participants and imparts the necessary technical skills required to engage in livelihoods selected by the women themselves.
  • Level 3: IdeaShop™ for Business Skills Training
    Business training includes basic financial management and marketing skills necessary for business operations, and development of business plans. NEW Pathways provides business plan templates utilized by our participants in constructing their plans.
  • Level 4: Business Start-up with IMPACT (Integrating Market Performance And Commercial Transactions)
    Women initiate their businesses, following detailed business plans. Participants are nurtured with great care during this phase. We provide start-up financing, mentoring, and advising services.

Our Impact

NEW Pathways’ participants are deeply grateful for opportunities to develop sustainable livelihoods. They are joyous, inspired, and motivated, envisioning better lives for themselves and their families. As one community leader remarked, “We can have this livelihood for the whole barangay, for the purpose of helping one another … I believe it will be you spreading this throughout the world, not only in Doldol … without you this wouldn’t be possible.”

Recent Achievements

  • Women are involved in business start-ups ranging from the creative arts, macramé, crochet and weaving, to food processing and hog-raising.
  • Over 330 women have graduated from our Learning to Livelihood program.
  • Requests are in from Africa, and from immigrant communities in the U.S. and Europe.
  • A superb local Philippine management team is in place.
  • Our partnership with Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, a leading micro-credit organization, enriches our program and lowers costs.
  • We collaborate with local grass roots organizations, universities, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations.

About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to enable economically disadvantaged women for livelihoods that offer profitable returns and opportunities for creativity and increased self-esteem. We collaborate with local grass roots organizations, universities, public agencies, microfinance institutions, and faith-based organizations to leverage our financial and nonfinancial resources for maximum benefit. Working together we can have a positive, direct, and immediate impact on the lives of disadvantaged women and their families. Our current programs are in the Philippines. We intend to expand over time within southeast Asia, to Latin America and Africa.
Your donation to NEW Pathways will enable a woman and offer her children a brighter future.

What our participants tell us

Thank you very much for sponsoring this training because we learned a lot through your support and because of your generous support we are blessed. I promise that I will use this knowledge and show you what I’ve learned and by the time you’ll be coming back here we can show you that we become successful. Thank you very much and God bless you all!
— Marlyn

My personal experience in this three days training helps me a lot because I’ve learned deeply from here how to manage a business. And I am so grateful to you for sponsoring this training because it helps a lot of women here to see an opportunity to earn money for our family. And we thank also our Lord God who sent people like you to help us. It is my hope that more blessings will come also from other nation to help our business to become more successful.
— Melba

I learned a lot. More idea in business, now I know how to start a business even it’s too hard in the beginning. Ma’am, thank you very much for this training. I always pray to GOD that He continue to guide you and your family and wish you good health too. This is my only way to pay you back for all the good things you shared. Thank you very much.
— Gemma

I feel great and proud being one in this seminar. I’m thankful to have good new ideas in life. Good Luck!
— Magna

For me, I am very thankful for attending this Ideashop activity because I have learned many things on different ways of doing livelihood. I like the best on rug making by Nelly Nacino. I am thankful to all who have made this activity a success.
— Rosemarie

I am very happy that I have attended this seminar because the information I have learned will be of great help to my association. It will help strengthen the UKBB. The seminar also has given me a better look at myself … the possibility for a realization of my dream.
— Weina

Ma’am Christine,
How are you? We miss you. You are heaven sent to us to help us in our lives. We hope that you will have a longer life so that you can still reach out to many people. Thanks.
— Norma

For more information, please contact us: chris@newpathwaystoenterprise.org



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